Video Surveillance

Whether you’re looking for a small business solution or an enterprise-class system, Global Security International (GSI) offers the broadest array of IP-based and traditional analog solutions to protect the people, businesses and operations that depend on you, each and every day.

As an experienced business professional, GSI provides the most sought-after video security solutions, trusted to provide a level of security second to none. GSI delivers reliable solutions throughout the gulf coast region for city centers, airports, hospitals, educational campuses, retail facilities, and commercial & industrial plant sites.

Digitally based CCTV systems offer advanced technology which enables businesses to more fully understand their operations. These systems have become valuable in monitoring processes, productivity, quality, and safety issues. Property mapping and segmentation is available through intelligent video systems. Network based systems allow for integration of large installations and remote properties for single or multi-location viewing Via LAN / WAN networks. Multiplexing adds the advantage of recording all cameras simultaneously regardless of what is being viewed at any given time. Hard drive recorders (DVR or NVR) provide maximum resolution and record time rate with hands free archiving. Wireless transmission of video signals offer viable and cost effective solutions to observing unmanned locations.

Automatic pan, tilt and zoom options add flexibility to video viewing in both day and night environments.  These options coupled with correct camera and lens selections allow precise identification for most any situation.  Digital Video products typically integrate seamlessly with our Access Control and Perimeter/Intrusion Detection Systems.


Contact Global Security International (GSI) today and speak with one of our Surveillance System Specialists about a custom designed Video system for the protection of your business or personal assets.