Access Control

Keyless entry and access control systems normally serve a central bank of information which guarantees that only authorized personnel will have access to secure facilities. This protects sensitive data or assets from unauthorized individuals. In government and the private sector, an integrated access control system is essential in securing sensitive and mission critical areas.

Access control systems may operate as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with both video surveillance and intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Video surveillance systems are installed to record activity in designated areas and to allow the quick retrieval of data to support security personnel. An IDS solution is usually designed to detect intruders and to transmit information off-site to a third party monitoring station. Integrating the access control system with a video and intrusion detection system provides clients with a comprehensive security solution, enabling simultaneous alarm, monitoring, digital video and data retrieval of security events.

The access control system utilizes a dedicated server, which hosts the system’s security database. This database includes individual personnel data, image (photo), biometric information, security approvals, user ID, passcode and pin, or any combination of these. Depending on the access control format chosen, authorized personnel may obtain access to facilities using one or more of the following combinations:


Cards - Proximity, magstripe, biometric, smart card, RFID tracking devices

Intellectual Information - Personal Identification Number

Biometric Identification: face, hand geometry, fingerprints, iris

Aside from an incorporated access control system for employed personnel, the system may be implemented to provide a resource for visitor management, allowing security officials the ability to monitor entry gate and visitor activity at your facility.

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